In order to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for reading, learning and other Library activities, the Library require all visitors to comply with the following General Rules and Regulations.

General Policy


1. Only Library members and those approved by the Chief Librarian are allowed to use the Library.      
2. Members have to present their membership card when asked to do so by the Library staff.
3. Users are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke, make noise, sleep or disturb the peace of the library.
4. Users are required to surrender their bags, books or any personal belongings for inspection at the library entrance / exit at the request of library staff.
5. User is required to obey the silence rule in the library.
6. Smoking  and consumption of food and drinks are forbidden in all parts of the library.
7. Personal belongings such as bags, helmet, umbrella, raincoat and other place provided outside the library.
8. User is not allowed to remove library furniture and equipment from their original place.
9. User is not allowed to take library materials out of the library without borrowing it properly at the counter or self check-out machine.
10. Must return books used to the trolley next to the shelves.
11. User is not allowed to smear, tear or damage the library materials.
12. User who photocopy library materials is fully responsible for any action liable and contravening the Copyright Act 1987.
13. Academician or support staff s who are sabbatical overseas must return all materials borrowed.
14. Academician or support staffs who are leaving the organization must also return all materials borrowed.Each borrower is responsible
  for the items borrowed. For an item lost, a member has to pay double the cost of the item lost. Whenever a replacement is not
  possible, the Library Committee will decide on the cost of the replacement.
15. The Chief Librarian may amend or change the Library Rules and Regulations as and when deemed required.