We are committed to serve efficiently for such services: -

  1. The process of borrowing and returning books can be done in 3 minutes.
  2. Feedback of Inter Library Loan (PAP) and Inter Campus Loan (PAK) materials application services within <3 days.
  3. Provide relevant and up-to-date materials in line with the field of university expertise to support teaching, learning and research.
  4. Provide the best and efficient service to every library user.
  5. Provide a comfortable and conducive space for learning and research.
  6. Publish research books and academic papers to extend the publication of high quality university papers in accordance with the publisher's specifications.
  7. Publish quality corporate publications and materials published by official university programs according to specified specifications.
  8. Provides storage for historical material for future reference.
  9. Provide a platform for increased knowledge sharing in the body of knowledge; disseminate knowledge and information for mutual benefit.